YE4 series Ultra High Efficiency Three Phase Asynchronous Motor (IP55)

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YE4系列(IP55)超超高效率三相异步电动机(机座号80~355)(以下简称:电动机)是效率达到国际标准IEC 60034-30《单速三相笼型感应电动机效率分级》最新版本中的IE4效率要求的低压全封闭自扇冷式超超高效率鼠笼型三相异步电动机,其效率值完全达到国家《中小型三相异步电动机能效限定值及能效等级》标准GB18613 中的能效1级要求,为目前全球最高效率的标准,效率由测量输入-输出功率的损耗分析法确定(按GB/T 1032-2012中11.3的规定)。

YE4 series (IP55) ultra-high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor (frame size 80 ~ 355) (hereinafter referred to as: motor) is the three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor with efficiency of IEC60034-30 international standard in latest version of IE4 of "single speed three-phase cage induction motors efficiency classification" . Its efficiency value completely reaches the class 1 energy and efficiency standard of GB18613 in “Middle and Small Three-phase Asynchronous Motor Energy and Efficiency Limit and Classification” which is the highest standard. Its efficiency is determined by analysis method of measuring the loss of input and output power, (confirm to regulations of 11.3 in BG/T1032-2012)


The motor is widely used in many fields in national economy, such as machine tools, water pump, blower, compressor, as well as to be used in the field of transportation, mixer, printer, agriculture machinery, food etc. 太阳成集团tyc33455cc官网:

电动机的安装尺寸和功率等级符合IEC国际标准,与德国DIN42673标准一致, 其外壳防护等级为IP55,冷却方式为IC411,连续工作制(S1)。采用F级绝缘结构,但全系列温升按B级考核;并要求考核负载噪声。 太阳成集团tyc33455cc产品:

Motor’s mounting dimension and power rating completely confirm to international IEC standards, and are accordance with German DIN42673 standard. The frame protection class is IP55, cooling method is IC411, continuous working duty is S1, class F insulation is adopted, but the temperature rise is assessed according to class B standard, noises on-load is examined according to the requirements as well. 太阳成集团tyc33455cc官网:

电动机额定电压380V,额定频率50Hz,功率范围0.75~375kW,包括2极、4极和6极电机。功率在3kW及以下者为Y接法,其它功率均为Δ接法。 太阳成集团tyc33455cc官网:

The rated voltage of the motor is 380V, rated frequency is 50HZ, power range is from 0.75KW to 375KW, including 2P, 4P and 6P. The connection method is Y for motors below 3KW, Δ connection for other motors.

电动机运行地点的海拔不超过1000m;最高环境空气温度随季节变化,但不超过40℃;最低环境空气温度为-15℃。当电动机在海拔超过1000m或最高环境空气温度高于 或低于40℃下使用时,按旋转电机标准GB 755的要求进行修正。

The altitude of the motor should be less than 1000m. The maximum ambient air temperature varies with seasons change, but it should not exceed 40℃, and the minimum ambient air temperature is -15℃. When motor use in the area with altitude over 1000m or the maximum ambient air temperature is higher or lower than 40℃, motor should be modified according to the requirements of the rotary motor standard GB 755.


Frame H80 ~ 160 motor is with fully enclosed bearing structure, frame H180 and above is with open type bearing, DE and NDE bearing with non-stop filling device. Motor is with anti-condensation drain hole.  Ordinarily the terminal box is on top, it can also be made on right and left according to user requirements. The terminal box can be rotated 90° and 180 °, which is convenient for the user to get off the line in different positions.

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