SIMO YE3 Series IP55 380v AC MOTOR

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The YE3 series (IP55) high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor is a fully enclosed self-ventilated three-phase asynchronous motor with high energy efficiency limit. This series of motor mounting dimensions is the same as Y and Y2 series, which are the replacement products of Y and Y2 series motors.
The installation size and power level accord with IEC standards. The terminal box  is at the top outlet. The efficiency value fully achieve the energy efficiency level 3 (YE3 is energy efficiency level 2) requirements in GB18613-2012 《Energy Efficiency Limits and Energy Efficiency Grades of Small and Medium-sized Three-phase Asynchronous Motors》of energy efficiency 3 class (YE3 is 2 class energy efficiency ),keeping touch with international IEC60034-30《Single speed three-phase squirrel cage induction motor efficiency classification》of IE2 (YE3 is IE3).This series of motors adopts cold-rolled silicon steel sheet as magnetically conductive material,the efficiency according with European Eff1 standard .To achieve advanced technology in domestic and abroad . This motor will advertise greatly replacement products.
The motor has a shaft extension, which can be designed two shaft extension according to customers ,The second shaft extension can also transmit the rated power, but it can only be driven by the coupling.
It can also supply other power, voltage, frequency, wet heat (TH), protection class and other motors ,According to user needs,.
High efficiency 、energy saving 、low noise 、high torque、low vibration、light weight、reliable running 、easy maintenance
Application fields:
YE3 series motor are widely used in many places ,such as drilling machines 、Pumps  、fans 、mixer、transport machines 、agriculture machines  etc
Ordering Note:
1. please noting motor type, power, speed, voltage, frequency, noise, and mounting type etc. If the noise level is not specified, it will be delivered in Level 2,when you are ordering.
2.No using a belt drive For a 2-pole motor of 5.5 kW or more and a 4-pole motor of 37 kW or more.
3.If you have special requirements, please note in the contract and contact the manufacturer in advance
YE3 specifics
Rated power:380V
Rated frequency:50HZ
Speed:3000rpm, 1500rpm, 1000rpm
Power scope:0.75~315KW
Protection class:IP55
Cooling type:IC411
Insulation:F class
Connection Mode:  3kW and below for Y connection; others for △ connection
temperature range: -15°C ~40°C
Humidity:  No above 90% while 25℃