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Motor Introduction
YKK series high voltage 6KV/10KV three-phase asynchronous motor (6kv center height 355~630, 10kv center height 400~630) is a closed type rotor three-phase asynchronous motor. The motor is produced according to the technical conditions of JB10315.2-2002. The series of protection class IP44, IP54, cooling method is empty water cooling IC611.
Motor advantages
This series of motor has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, small vibration, light weight, reliable performance, convenient installation and maintenance.
Field of application
It can drive different types of machinery, such as ventilators, compressors, water pumps, crushers, cutting machine tools, transportation machinery and other equipment, and can be used prime power by coal mines, machinery industries, various industrial and mining companies.

Not available in the following environments:
 The air is free of corrosive gas such as acid and alkali
 Explosive gas
 More dusty work environment
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Note: 1) The 2nd and 4th pole motors are forbidden to be driven by pulleys; if the other pole numbers need to be driven by pulleys, they should be negotiated with the manufacturer in advance.
2) The 2-pole motor rotates clockwise. If the customer need to rotate counterclockwise, it must be specified when order.
Frame number: 355~630
Rated voltage: 6kv/10kv
Rated frequency: 50HZ
Speed: 3000rpm, 1500rpm, 1000rpm, 750rpm
Power range: 160~1600KW
Installation type: IMB3
Protection class: IP44/IP54
Cooling method: IC611
Insulation class: Class F
Air temperature: 
Highest average relative humidity: 90%; meanwhile, the average minimum temperature in the month is not higher than 25°C.